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Host Wingman (2v2) to your friends!
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Host Wingman (2v2) to your friends!

Within the newest major update in CS:GO, the Operation Hydra, came in a new game mode called Wingman. Wingman is a 2v2 competitive game mode that results into intense matches with your partner, where you will try outsmart and out-aim your opponents. For those of you who would be interested in playing this game mode with your friends only, here is a way to host it yourself for some private matches:

1. In the main menu, choose "Play with friends".
2. Choose any custom map from the Workshop
3. Start the server with the custom map
4. After loading the server, choose a map you would like to play, by console command "map de_mapnamehere".
List of maps Valve uses for this mode:
Spoiler :
5. After the map has loaded, set the gamemode to wingman with the console command "exec gamemode_competitive2v2"
6. Invite your friends using Steam overlay. Another option is to just invite them in the lobby you created in step 1. This would mean they also have to load the first map you loaded in step 3.

Updated with map list. If anything was left unclear, let me know.
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07 June 2017 01:59
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